Unleash your computer's potential with hardware and software upgrades!
  • Graphics card replacement and multi-monitor setup including custom mounting solutions
  • Memory upgrades for desktops, laptops, and high-end printers
  • Hard disk drive to solid state drive conversion including disk clone and repurposing the existing drive
  • Additional components including hard drives, Blu-ray burners, legacy devices & adapters
  • Operating system upgrades, multi-boot setups and virtual machines
Already upgraded, but your retail machine still isn't cutting it?
We custom build servers and desktops for businesses and computer enthusiasts who want:
  • Name-brand components that are more versatile, perform better, and last longer
  • The ability to easily replace, upgrade, or add parts in the future
  • The latest available CPU's, operating systems, computer memory, optical drives, card readers, etc.
  • Computers that are capable of output to one or more WQHD, 4K UHD or 8K displays
  • And, of course, a specific set of features that you can't find anywhere else
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