What is CTNY Tech?

CTNY Tech is an independently owned and operated computer service provider. We work on-site throughout Fairfield & New Haven Counties and also offer global remote support.

What devices can CTNY Tech help me with?

Our experts can help you with a wide range of electronics. These include server, NAS, desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, print/fax/scan, home theater, gaming, and UPS devices. We also install and maintain network components including modems, routers, switches, WAP's, repeaters, bridges, and VOIP equipment.

I'm not sure if I'm located within the CTNY Tech service area. What should I do?

CTNY Tech has a vast on-site service area that includes all of Fairfield & New Haven Counties. In addition, CTNY Tech can remotely service anyone, anywhere in the world. Check us out on Google Maps.

Can CTNY Tech resolve hardware issues?

Yes, all of our technicians resolve hardware issues on a regular basis. In many cases, getting your current system repaired will save you hundreds of dollars and add years to the life of your machine.

Does CTNY Tech only do on-site or remote work?

We strive to provide effective hassle-free service at all times. A job is not finished until the customer is able to use a device exactly how he or she intended in its normal environment. In order to consistently provide the best possible service, we do most work on-site, remotely, or - if necessary - we'll do a pick-up/drop-off. You may also contact us if you would like to schedule a time to drop off your equipment at our Stratford location.

What can I do to learn more about CTNY Tech?

Navigate through the menus above or look us up on Google.

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